Urban Retreat

Immerse yourself in a daylong meditation retreat

There are generally two components to cultivating a meditation practice that has the potential to actually change your life. The first is a regular daily practice. The second is retreat. Extended periods of meditation, while occasionally challenging, can lead to breakthroughs in our practice, insight into our identities and relationships, and a more direct sensory experience of our waking lives off the cushion. People are often drawn to the idea of retreats as beginners, but as with any form of fitness, it is wisest to start with safe and suitable challenges. And while longer, rural retreats can certainly be transformative they are often also expensive, crowded, or difficult to arrange, especially for people with families or limited means. Enter Presence’s Urban Retreat, a full day of meditation, mindfulness, and silence.

Our daylong retreat format is a five-hour immersive experience facilitated by one or more Presence teachers, with sitting and walking meditation, mindful eating and movement, and chance to really go deeper in safe, supportive, and accessible environment.

Whether you’re a beginner who was initially tempted by a 10-day retreat but want to test the waters, or an experienced meditator looking to get out of a rut in your practice, the daylong retreat is an ideal way to level the playing field and really see, hear, taste, smell and feel what’s happening inside.


Cost: $60 + tax
(-20% for auto-renew members)

Event information
 207 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest
 Sarah Leila Manolson