January Dreaming Time: Visioning Your Year Differently

What if this New Year you could live and lead your life differently? Not how you “should” do it but how you want to show up for your life instead. How you start your year is how you will live your year. We think of January as the time to make goals, we pressure ourselves to get it all done and judge ourselves for not being “far enough along” without acknowledging how far we’ve already come. But according to the mystics, sages and indigenous people, January is actually known as ‘the dreaming time.’ It is not the time to stress out or create goals based on fear, guilt or pressure. It is the time to dream your year differently. Join us for this New Year play-shop– part meditation, part visioning and lots of space to expand possibilities so you can imagine your year differently from a place of self-love instead of self-sacrifice, with self-compassion instead of judgement and where you can start listening to your own heart’s desires.

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 207 St. Viateur Ouest
 Myrite Rotstein