4 week Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

A 4 week introductory series on meditation and mindfulness

This 4-week workshop is designed to discover what mindfulness is. Learn how to integrate meditation into your life or deepen and continue exploring your existing practice. The sessions include beginning and/or ongoing meditation instruction, sitting meditation, walking or movement meditation, loving kindness meditation and a Dharma talk discussion.

Week 1: Intro to mindfulness meditation, what is mindfulness?

Week 2: Mindfulness and the mind-body connection, how is meditation different from relaxation?

Week 3: Interpersonal mindfulness, how can mindful communication improve your relationships?

Week 4: Transforming fear through loving-kindness meditation, how can you open your heart to love, compassion and empathy?


Cost: $90 +tax

Event information
 207 St. Viateur Ouest
 Tatiana Castellanos