Présence is a secular meditation community in Montreal with studio locations in Mile End and downtown. We offer guided and silent drop-in classes seven days a week, as well as workshops, urban retreats, private instruction and on-site services for organizations.

Our classes are facilitated by a diverse group of experienced teachers representing various traditions, with an emphasis on mindfulness meditation.

On the surface this has been the most challenging year of my life by a long shot, but somehow I’ve been able to face the intensity of it in a way I would not previously have thought possible. I’m fairly certain it has something to do with making meditation a clockwork daily group activity. I had a solo meditation practice for a number of years prior to coming to Presence, but approaching it in a scheduled way with a group of kind, interesting people has been transformative.

– James Paterson

How does it work?

Presence works a lot like any other yoga or fitness studio, except that we focus exclusively on meditation. Meditators (or aspiring ones!) can pay for a single drop-in, pre-purchase a pack of classes at reduced rate, buy an introductory pass, or become monthly members with unlimited access.

Do you offer workshops or series?

Yes, in addition to our regular ongoing classes, the studio hosts limited series and workshops that focus on specific themes or techniques, giving practitioner’s the opportunity to go deeper and wider with their practice.

Do I need to bring anything or wear special clothes?

Nope, just bring your positive intention. The studio is equipped with meditation cushions, benches and chairs. There is a bathroom for changing, but most people simply come and practice in their everyday clothes.

I’ve never meditated before, do I need to take an introductory class?

Unless otherwise stated, all of the classes offered at Presence are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike. There are no prerequisite ‘Levels’ to master before moving on to senior classes. For those who still want a primer before diving in, we regularly offer introduction to meditation workshops.

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What's Happening Now?

One Month Unlimited Intro Pass Discounted for January

Looking to get started meditating in 2019? For the month of January we're offering our introductory one month unlimited pass for $40. Classes get back up and running gradually this week and then we'll be back to our full schedule the week of January 7th, so there's no shame if you're slow getting moving on...

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Giving Presence for the holidays

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Workshops & Events

Urban Retreat

Whether you're a beginner who was initially tempted by a 10-day retreat but want to test the waters, or an experienced meditator looking to get out of a rut in...

 1:00 pm
 March 31, 2019
 207 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest